About Roland Giduz

(Chapel Hill Herald, 1/6/06)
Giduz stands for spirit of Chapel Hill

                   By STANLEY PEELE Columnist
            Roland Giduz calls himself a “notorious hometown ne’er-do-well.” He is notorious, for sure, and definitely hometown. But he has never been and will never be a ne’er-do well!
          He was born in 1925 and is a veteran of WWII. He earned an AB degree in journalism at UNC and a MS in journalism at Columbia. For more than 50 years, he has been a writer, photographer and editor. He was editor of the Chapel Hill News Leader (1954-59) and then alumni editor for the university; and wrote the “Newsman’s Notepad” column over a period of 35 years. Recently he has been a columnist for The Chapel Hill Herald.
He was the original publisher and editor of a weekly visitors guide magazine, The Triangle Pointer. He has published “Who’s Gonna Cover Em Up?” in 1985, and “Conversations On The Wall” in 2000.

        In the latter book he documents his conversations with his friend and idol, cameron henderson. He also collaborated with Jim Shumaker to publish “Shu” in 1995.
          He was a member of the Board of Aldermen of Chapel Hill for 12 years. He continues to be quite active in local civic life, and is a gifted public speaker. He was for many years a host/producer for “The People’s Channel” on cable TV.

            This is only a short list of some of his accomplishments: it is not possible to list them all here. Yet, he is self-deprecating. He explains himself this way: “I haven’t got any more sense than any other d*** fool!”
          He has his own blog:http://www.rolandgiduz.wordpress.com  .Here is a quote from that source:
“I have suddenly realized, ‘By God, I’m 80 years old.’ … But, I don’t feel old — I feel FREE. I am free to plan each day, I have no obligation to an employer or to society. I have willingly passed on the torch of service to society to the younger generation. Best of all, I don’t look back. I look ahead. I find true satisfaction in public service — a thing I used to accept as an obligation. Through all of this I find peace — contented peace. I know there are a limited number of years ahead for me. If it all ended tomorrow I’d have no regrets.”
          Roland is a member of what has been called “The  Greatest Generation.” His service in World War II has left an indelible impression on him. Here are his words: “Let me take you back to the fierce days of WWII and how we felt about it. We were preparing to enter the military. We certainly did not feel ‘great.’ But — we did not feel any doubt. We were a bit fearful, and not anxious to lead a charge. But we had absolutely no doubt about the cause and outcome of the war that was thrust upon us. “


2 Responses to “About Roland Giduz”

  1. Robert Gouveia Says:

    Mr. Roland Giduz, after reading the above sounds like a well accomplished American. I feel any guy or gal that fought in WW2 surely deserves the utmost respect.Also he was born in 1925, which means he lived thru the depression years. He is from the Greatest Generation of Americans.Most if not all the Veterans I met from WW2 ended up having succesful lifes. I have had the oppurtunity to talk to mr. Giduz on the telephone,and he sounds like a educated and very understanding gentleman. Mr. Giduz served in the same Army regiment as my Dad Serry Gouveia 399th reg. 100th Inf. Div.
    Thank U
    Robert Gouveia

  2. King White Says:

    I remember Roland (“Foo”) from his days at the Orange Printshop putting out The Daily Tar Heel. My sparse contact through the years has always been pleasurable and uplifting. I once gave him a “thank you” — and will repeat it here — for his publishing “Shu.” And for sure: Any friend of Jim Shumaker’s would have to be notorious, but never a ne’er-do-well.
    And an aside to Roland–Congratulations. Glad we both made it to 80!
    King White (UNC ’50)

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